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Address:9 Oi Kwan Road Wanchai



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F.1 Admission Talk (20 November 2021)

  The talk will start at 11:00 am. Please click HERE for live broadcast. ....

Experiencing Egyptian Culture Workshop

The Experiencing Egyptian Culture Workshop, which was jointly organized by the History Department and the Dance Club, was successfully he.......

School Picnic

  It was a joyful morning filled with laughter and excitement as students put on their unique class tee and anticipated the fun they wer.......

Prefects Training Camp

Prefects Training Camp (Part 1)   The prefects training camp (Part 1), which was jointly organized with YWCA, was held suc.......


「文學寫作坊」 由作家黃怡擔任導師的「文學寫作坊」已於2021年11月1日順利完成,修讀文學的高中同學到中環欣賞文學地景,搜集素材後回校寫作,與作家交流心得,獲益良多。       &.......

Updates on F.1 Information Day

The annual F.1 Information Day has always been one of the well-received activities at TSK, attracting nearly two thousand primary sc.......

SA Election 21-22

SA Election 21-22   Acting as a bridge between the school and students, the SA (Student Association) plays a vital role .......

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