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Community Service Program 2018-2019 – Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony of the Community Service Program was held successfully at the school hall on Friday, 14 September 2018. After the opening remarks of Principal Tai, all the F.3 students rushed to the counters to enroll in their favorite services, with the generous help of the F.4 and F.5 Community Service Ambassadors in completing the registration.
Various kinds of services were available for enrollment. They included accompanying disabled children in a walkathon, visits to a rehabilitation hostel and homes for the elderly, cleaning up the beach, practising organic farming and making wreaths with the elderly, collecting food ingredients from the market and delivering them to the community after sorting, being helpers and referees in inter-school sports competitions, and flag-selling, etc.
It is hoped that the program will not only help students care more about the people around us, which can achieve part of our Annual School Goal, i.e. Love Your Neighbors, but it will also help students develop their potential and gain memorable experience by serving the community.