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On 6 July 2019, six F.1 to F.3 students were divided into 2 teams to join a competition co-organized by The Conference of Sheng Kung Hui Secondary School Heads, Faculty of Engineering of CUHK and CocoRobo. Students had to design robot cars with arms and containers to throw ping pong at another team in 10 minutes. Students also had to develop an app to remotely control the cars via Bluetooth.
Through this competition, students have learnt how to use Solidworks to design robot cars. Different types of tires, speeds of motors, degrees of rotation of servos, lengths of arms and different designs of containers were tested.
Finally, our students won the championship, and this is the second year TSK won the competition. Via this competition, students have the chance to learn from students of other schools and make friends with them. Students have not only acquired knowledge, but also developed teamwork and friendship.