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新生家長特別通告 (7/8/2020)

各位新生家長 :
1.    新生拍照將順延至開學後另行通知,當天學生毋須回校。 
2.    家長請於上午十時至十一時三十分內任何時間到學校禮堂領取已訂購的課本及體育服裝 。
3.    由於疫情緣故,家長毋須提交飯盒訂購表格。如已訂購九月份首兩星期的飯盒,小賣部稍        後將安排退款事宜。
        學校亦將於當天派發新生校內註冊編號、eClass 及 eApp 家長及學生個人戶口及密碼、以及網上課堂平台指引給各家長。
Special Announcement for New Parents (7/8/2020)
Arrangements on 15 August
Dear New Parents,
In view of the severity of the epidemic situation, please refer to the following updated arrangements on 15 August:
1.   The photo-taking will be postponed until further notice.  New students do not need to come to school that day.
2.   Please collect the pre-ordered textbooks and PE uniform at the school hall any time from 10:00 am to 11:30 am.
3.  The lunchbox order forms need not be submitted. Our tuck shop will arrange lunchbox refund if you have submitted the order forms previously.
The school registration number of new students, the username and password of eClass and eApp accounts (both parents and students), as well as the guidelines for the use of e-learning platform for live lessons will be distributed to parents on the same day.