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School Picnic

  It was a joyful morning filled with laughter and excitement as students put on their unique class tee and anticipated the fun they were going to have at Ocean Park on 27 October. School picnic is an excellent opportunity for both teachers and students to be immersed in a world of fun. It is indeed a blessing that we could have the picnic during challenging times when the pandemic is still ongoing this year.
That day was full of memorable moments: when teachers actually spent time having fun with their students; when the whole class gathered and got on an amusement ride together; and when teachers received the teddy bear their students won at the game stall. We were surprised by the playful side of one another, and we had never imagined so many of us would pluck up the courage to try out the most exciting ride in Ocean Park!
By the end of the day, our social media were flooded with photos capturing each delightful moment.