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  • School Facilities

    SKH Tang Shiu Kin Secondary School is made up of 3 buildings. They are the main building,the new annex and the sports complex.   ....... Detail>>

  • Main Building

    The school consists of 3 buildings, the old building, the new annex and the gymnasium. Special rooms are located in the main build....... Detail>>

  • School Hall

    The school hall could accommodate over 1200 people. Teachers and Students have their assemblies here. Guests will hold their t....... Detail>>

  • School Library

    The School Library is located on the 7th floor of the new annex. It stores books covering a wide range of topics including languages....... Detail>>

  • Sports Complex

      The sports complex consists of an air-conditioned basketball court, 2 squash courts, an indoor swimming pool, a da....... Detail>>

  • Special Rooms

    The school consists of various special rooms which provide students with an excellent learning environment.     ....... Detail>>