Co-curricular activities

Co-curricular activities

1.    Types of activities

Every year, a variety of activities are organized for students to extend their learning beyond the classroom and increase their interest in learning Geography. The following shows the types of activities that have been carried out.


(a)  Local visits have been held to broaden students' horizons.

(b)  Field excursions have been organized to help students internalize the geographical concepts and knowledge they have learnt in the lessons.

(c)  Study tours to different parts of mainland China, e.g. Zhujiang Delta Region and Changsha have been organized to increase students’ understanding of the sustainable development of China and increase their    sense of national identity.

(d)  Thematic talks, exhibitions and/or workshops have been arranged to be held on the school campus to extend students’ knowledge on different topics that are relevant to the curriculum.


                   Workshop and Exhibition Organized by Geotechnical Engineering Office

(e)  The Geography department has arranged the watching of films that are related to the Geography curriculum outside of school.

(f)   Other internal activities, e.g. a game booth and an inter-class quiz competition have been organized to help junior form students know more about the geography of China.


                      Playing on the Jigsaw Puzzle of map of China                     Inter-class Knowledge Quiz on Geography of China Competition     



2.  External extended programmes and competitions

(a)   Our school has joined the Geopark Schools Programme organized by the Agricultural, Fisheries and Conservation Department. In this programme, students have joined the talks on rocks or Hong Kong’s landforms, workshops on rocks and minerals, field excursions to Hong Kong Geopark, and cultural exchange activities with Japanese students in Hong Kong.

(b)   Some students joined the enrichment programmes, e.g. Summer Meteorology Camp organized by the Hong Kong Sea Cadets Corps in 2023. 

(c)   High-achievers were nominated to join the external competitions, e.g. Weather Observation Competition organized by Ho Koon Nature Education cum Astronomical Centre, the CSDI Awards 2023 organized by the Geospatial Lab and the Hong Kong Geography Olympiad organized by the Hong Kong Geographical Association for the application of knowledge.