Inauguration and committee members

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Student Association (SA)

Inauguration And Committee Members


An inauguration ceremony was held on 19 October. All committee members of Petrichor signed the commitment sheet in the presence of the Principal, SA advisors and Apostle committee members. After receiving the badges from the Principal and the handover of the SA stamp from Nikki, Vice-President of Apostle to Law Hiu Tung, President of Petrichor, this year’s SA has started a new chapter in SA history.


Apostle had an active year, holding meaningful activities such as Joint-school Christmas Ball, Talent Show, Esports Competition and Tang’s Premier League . They worked for the welfare of their schoolmates such as selling electronic calculators and socks at bargain prices, providing microwave ovens and a refrigerator for schoolmates to use. The SA Committee members were thanked for their contribution in different school functions on top of performing their routine duties. Their role as a bridge between their schoolmates and the school was very effective, and this ensured success in the implementation of their proposals and helped to improve school policies.


Once again, a big thank you to Apostle and congratulations to Petrichor.



President 5D Law Hiu Tung, Nicole

Internal Vice President 5C Leung Cheuk Yiu, Tores

External Vice President 5B Chan Chi Kit, Hugo

Internal Secretary 5D Kuan Hoi Lam, Karen

External Secretary 5D Chang Yui Kai, Anthony

Treasurers 5D Liu Ka Wai, Cathy 5C Tsang Yi Lok, Enoch

Student Welfare Manager 4B Huang Hei Ue Victoria

General Affairs Manager 5C Wong Ching, Rex

Public Relations Manager 4A Yu Wing Hei, Coey