Inauguration and committee members

An inauguration ceremony was held on 24 October. All committee members of Apostle signed the commitment sheet in the presence of the Principal, SA Advisors and Arcadia committee members as witnesses. After receiving the badges from the Principal and the handover of the SA stamp from Daisy, President of Arcadia to Chu Lot Him, President of Apostle, this year’s SA started a new chapter in SA history.


Arcadia had an active year last year. There were meaningful and amazing activities such as a Christmas Ball, Joint-school online board games, online meetings with the Principal, ‘Make a wish’ activity, escape room activity and a Fashion Show. They were also dedicated to providing a wide range of welfare and services to TSKers.


Once again, a big thank you to Arcadia and congratulations to Apostle.



President                                 5B Chu Lot Him, Luther

Internal Vice President           5B Lau Ho Fung, Terry

External Vice President          5A Lam Ka Hei, Nikki

Internal Secretary                   4B Chan Lok Nok, Noddy

External Secretary                  4B To Tung Ki, Kate

Treasurers                               5A Lam Chun Lok Jasper

5C Wong Chun Man, Edward

      Student Welfare Manager      5A Chen Hei Ching Freeya

General Affairs Manager       5C Leung Chun Hei, Chris


Public Relations Manager     5C Wong Pak Kiu, Jan