Citizenship and Social Development as a core subject in the three-year senior secondary curriculum aims to help senior secondary students understand the situations of Hong Kong, the country and the contemporary world, as well as their pluralistic and interdependent nature.

For F1 to F3, the Life and Society curriculum cultivates students' sensitivity, interests, and concern for local, national, and global issues. Other than examinations, our school adopts a series of teaching and learning activities, together with project learning, to conduct formative assessment of students’ learning.

For senior forms, in addition to the use of textbooks, supplementary worksheets are designed to enhance teaching and learning. In addition, in collaboration with different educational organizations, various learning activities are arranged for students, such as visiting the Palace Museum, participating in life-wide learning activities, engaging in competitions, and organizing study tours to the Mainland for senior students.  Not only can these activities broaden students’ horizons, but also enrich their learning experience.

Liberal Studies, CSD and Life & Societies