The subject, Religious Studies, forms an integral part of the school curriculum. Students discuss and study issues of religion and ethics in class.

Under the NSS curriculum, our school does not offer R.S. as a NSS examination subject. Instead, a school based R.S. curriculum has been adopted. In junior forms, more emphasis has been put on Biblical teachings and the life of Jesus Christ. It is hoped that students can have a better understanding of the foundation of Christian faith and the life and teachings of Jesus. In senior forms, the syllabus focuses on the application of Christian faith in personal and social issues (e.g. Family and marriage and biblical teachings, be a good steward of God, etc.). Moral principles are discussed as well. 



Religious Activities

Our school provides a balanced education for students under the guidance and love of God. We had two morning assemblies per cycle and morning prayer sessions four times a cycle with religious sharing conducted mainly by the Principal and sometimes by Christian teachers and students. To cultivate students’ positive attitude and broaden their exposure, clergy and guest speakers from various sectors of society were invited to give talks to students. Special services were held at Christmas and Easter, and a graduation service was arranged for F.6 students.


The school Christian Fellowship organized weekly meetings for students, and provided love and care for the needy. We thank St. James’ Church for supporting evangelical activities in our school, for example, the St. James’ Church Education Fund for students who contributed a lot in supporting religious activities in school and F.1 lunchtime cell groups.