Information Literacy and eLearning Workshop 2023

Date: 06/10/2023

On the afternoons of 13/27 September and 4 October, our F.1 students had the opportunity to participate in the Information Literacy and eLearning Workshops. These workshops were organized collaboratively by the HK Playground Association and the eLearning Development Committee of the school.

The primary objectives of these workshops were to develop students' online research abilities, foster critical evaluation of sources, promote responsible online behavior, cultivate digital citizenship, and enhance eLearning proficiency. The students enthusiastically engaged in the workshops, actively participating and thoroughly enjoying the interactive sessions. They eagerly embraced the opportunity to enhance their skills and gained valuable insights throughout the workshops.


A notable highlight of the workshops was the involvement of F.3 mentors. These mentors played a crucial role in supporting the teachers and providing invaluable assistance in teaching students how to effectively utilize Teams, a popular digital platform. The mentors' assistance not only facilitated the learning process but also encouraged a sense of camaraderie and peer support among the students.

Information Literacy and eLearning Workshop 2023